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FLOOR 5 letter word which starts with the letter F and ends with the letter R

We have found 12 definitions.

(n.) The bottom or lower part of any room; the part upon which we stand and upon which the movables in the room are supported.
(n.) The structure formed of beams girders etc. with proper covering which divides a building horizontally into stories. Floor in sense 1 is then the upper surface of floor in sense 2.
(n.) The surface or the platform of a structure on which we walk or travel; as the floor of a bridge.
(n.) A story of a building. See Story.
(n.) The part of the house assigned to the members.
(n.) The right to speak.
(n.) That part of the bottom of a vessel on each side of the keelson which is most nearly horizontal.
(n.) The rock underlying a stratified or nearly horizontal deposit.
(n.) A horizontal flat ore body.
(v. t.) To cover with a floor; to furnish with a floor; as to floor a house with pine boards.
(v. t.) To strike down or lay level with the floor; to knock down; hence to silence by a conclusive answer or retort; as to floor an opponent.
(v. t.) To finish or make an end of; as to floor a college examination.

Syllable Information

The word FLOOR is a 5 letter word that contains 1 syllable .

The syllable division for the word FLOOR is FLOOR

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