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TON 3 letter word which starts with the letter T and ends with the letter N

We have found 7 definitions.

- pl. of Toe.
(n.) The common tunny or house mackerel.
(n.) The prevailing fashion or mode; vogue; as things of ton.
(n.) A measure of weight or quantity.
(n.) The weight of twenty hundredweight.
(n.) Forty cubic feet of space being the unit of measurement of the burden or carrying capacity of a vessel; as a vessel of 300 tons burden.
(n.) A certain weight or quantity of merchandise with reference to transportation as freight; as six hundred weight of ship bread in casks seven hundred weight in bags eight hundred weight in bulk; ten bushels of potatoes; eight sacks or ten barrels of flour; forty cubic feet of rough or fifty cubic feet of hewn timber etc.

Syllable Information

The word TON is a 3 letter word that contains 1 syllable .

The syllable division for the word TON is TON

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