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CALL 4 letter word which starts with the letter C and ends with the letter L

We have found 26 definitions.

(v. t.) To command or request to come or be present; to summon; as to call a servant.
(v. t.) To summon to the discharge of a particular duty; to designate for an office or employment especially of a religious character; -- often used of a divine summons; as to be called to the ministry; sometimes to invite; as to call a minister to be the pastor of a church.
(v. t.) To invite or command to meet; to convoke; -- often with together; as the President called Congress together; to appoint and summon; as to call a meeting of the Board of Aldermen.
(v. t.) To give name to; to name; to address or speak of by a specifed name.
(v. t.) To regard or characterize as of a certain kind; to denominate; to designate.
(v. t.) To state or estimate approximately or loosely; to characterize without strict regard to fact; as they call the distance ten miles; he called it a full day's work.
(v. t.) To show or disclose the class character or nationality of.
(v. t.) To utter in a loud or distinct voice; -- often with off; as to call or call off the items of an account; to call the roll of a military company.
(v. t.) To invoke; to appeal to.
(v. t.) To rouse from sleep; to awaken.
(v. i.) To speak in loud voice; to cry out; to address by name; -- sometimes with to.
(v. i.) To make a demand requirement or request.
(v. i.) To make a brief visit; also to stop at some place designated as for orders.
(n.) The act of calling; -- usually with the voice but often otherwise as by signs the sound of some instrument or by writing; a summons; an entreaty; an invitation; as a call for help; the bugle's call.
(n.) A signal as on a drum bugle trumpet or pipe to summon soldiers or sailors to duty.
(n.) An invitation to take charge of or serve a church as its pastor.
(n.) A requirement or appeal arising from the circumstances of the case; a moral requirement or appeal.
(n.) A divine vocation or summons.
(n.) Vocation; employment.
(n.) A short visit; as to make a call on a neighbor; also the daily coming of a tradesman to solicit orders.
(n.) A note blown on the horn to encourage the hounds.
(n.) A whistle or pipe used by the boatswain and his mate to summon the sailors to duty.
(n.) The cry of a bird; also a noise or cry in imitation of a bird; or a pipe to call birds by imitating their note or cry.
(n.) A reference to or statement of an object course distance or other matter of description in a survey or grant requiring or calling for a corresponding object etc. on the land.
(n.) The privilege to demand the delivery of stock grain or any commodity at a fixed price at or within a certain time agreed on.
(n.) See Assessment4

Syllable Information

The word CALL is a 4 letter word that contains 1 syllable .

The syllable division for the word CALL is CALL

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