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SORE 4 letter word which starts with the letter S and ends with the letter E

We have found 11 definitions.

(n.) Reddish brown; sorrel.
(n.) A young hawk or falcon in the first year.
(n.) A young buck in the fourth year. See the Note under Buck.
(superl.) Tender to the touch; susceptible of pain from pressure; inflamed; painful; -- said of the body or its parts; as a sore hand.
(superl.) Fig.: Sensitive; tender; easily pained grieved or vexed; very susceptible of irritation.
(superl.) Severe; afflictive; distressing; as a sore disease; sore evil or calamity.
(superl.) Criminal; wrong; evil.
(a.) A place in an animal body where the skin and flesh are ruptured or bruised so as to be tender or painful; a painful or diseased place such as an ulcer or a boil.
(a.) Fig.: Grief; affliction; trouble; difficulty.
(a.) In a sore manner; with pain; grievously.
(a.) Greatly; violently; deeply.

Syllable Information

The word SORE is a 4 letter word that contains 1 syllable .

The syllable division for the word SORE is SORE

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