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MELT 4 letter word which starts with the letter M and ends with the letter T

We have found 8 definitions.

(n.) See 2d Milt.
(v.) To reduce from a solid to a liquid state as by heat; to liquefy; as to melt wax tallow or lead; to melt ice or snow.
(v.) Hence: To soften as by a warming or kindly influence; to relax; to render gentle or susceptible to mild influences; sometimes in a bad sense to take away the firmness of; to weaken.
(v. i.) To be changed from a solid to a liquid state under the influence of heat; as butter and wax melt at moderate temperatures.
(v. i.) To dissolve; as sugar melts in the mouth.
(v. i.) Hence: To be softened; to become tender mild or gentle; also to be weakened or subdued as by fear.
(v. i.) To lose distinct form or outline; to blend.
(v. i.) To disappear by being dispersed or dissipated; as the fog melts away.

Syllable Information

The word MELT is a 4 letter word that contains 1 syllable .

The syllable division for the word MELT is MELT

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